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Designers look to stereotypical american woman for sporty fashion The michael kors online outlet shorthand was enough to immediately evoke a vision or perhaps a stereotype.The clothes would not be fussy or prim. (That's for the french to do. )They would have a certain athleticism to them.They might stir memories of hollywood and the red carpet, but they wouldn't be overtly sexy. (Let the italians do the plunging decolletage. )They would not be over thought or utterly baffling. (See the japanese or the british for all your conceptual needs. ) True to form, kors delivered a collection that reflected the american dna of his brand.Rumpled gray flannel trousers looking as though they'd been plucked from the floor of some aspen lodge were mixed with luxurious sweaters with cowl necklines that swung deep and low and yet revealed nothing.Simple pleated skirts were topped with fitted sweaters;Long cashmere pullovers paired with floor skimming skirts made formal attire look as comfortable as a pair of sunday afternoon sweats.Crisp wool met rich leather in a single coat.Unapologetically indulgent sable jackets were belted low on the torso and a fox skirt was more than a nod to unabashed decadence. Kors understands the core ingredients that make up an american fashion sensibility and that, by default, define american beauty.Our national fashion statement is the subject of"American woman:Fashioning a national identity,"An exhibition that opens may 5 at the costume institute at the metropolitan museum of art.The spring show will look at the collective identity of women as seen through their clothes from 1890, about the time american women became important customers in the eyes of european designers, to 1940, when europeans began looking at american women particularly the hollywood screen siren as the ideal beauty. The exhibition will time travel from the hothouse life of the heiress, to the gibson girl, well heeled bohemians, suffragists, flappers and, finally, the hollywood goddesses. Throughout that history, said michael kors bags australia curator andrew bolton, who previewed the exhibition wednesday afternoon, it always seemed as though women were struggling to liberate themselves from some social constraint.Whether it was the tomboy style of the gibson girl who represented newfound physical freedom or the uncorseted silhouettes of the flappers who embraced sexual ease, fashion played a role in self definition.It was also a favorite tool for subverting traditions. It's no wonder that bolton has a special affection for performer lady gaga, whom he plans to reference in a final coda to the exhibition.He is fascinated by her shape shifting style that chips away at decorum and constructs a personal michael kors handbags outlet mythology.Women like lady gaga are rare in the 21st century.After all, there are few cultural constraints from which american women need to be wholly liberated although there are still rules of dress to which women often feel beholden or final stubborn barriers that must be surmounted. The dress codes often are remnants of a time when a woman's presence in the workplace was deemed a distraction.One can only assume the obsession some offices still have with pantyhose is linked to a long held belief that the sight of a naked female leg could cause productivity to grind to a halt. But like a hollywood blockbuster or the breadth of pop music, american style resonates globally.It defines who we are as a people.No single sensibility defines it anymore, but it remains inexorably connected to its past incarnations. The athleticism of the gibson girl comes through in brands such as band of outsiders, which sees its womenswear as just as sports driven and active as its men's.But the vitality of the american woman also comes through in the streamlined even aerodynamic style of narciso rodriguez.His work is sculptural and precise science as much as art.His designs allow a woman to move and breathe.It frees her limbs from extraneous frippery.It also frees her mind from nagging distractions:Is the skirt too short?The ruffles too much?The neckline too low?

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