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Black men from gay porn As much as we try to resist the michael lucas publicity juggernaut, he truly does have the knack for saying the outrageous.The latest:The new york city based gay porn impresario says he would"Love"To feature more black models such as insanely gorgeous brian bodine seen here(Nsfw)But"Rampant homophobia"In the black community scares black men away from gay porn. If you really wanted to show a new york attitude, you would have If you really want to claim you show a new york attitude then show itsthe african american community, and models are just scared of being inlucas has a better track record employing black models especially in high end productions than most mainstream gay porn producers.But as usual he has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to race.In new york city alone, there are dozensOf black models working in gay porn at uptown studios such as pitbull or big city(Nsfw).Many more on the web and there are many times more in atlanta, miami and los angeles.Perhaps lucas meant to say he simply prefers a certain"Type"Of black model.Or maybe many black models just don't want to appear in his Homophobia is unfortunately a serious problem in the black community.It's also an extremely serious and deadly issue in lucas' native russia where government and paramilitary groups kill suspected gays and many gay men such as michael lucas are forced to emigrate.But you keep telling yourself"Rampant homophobia" "Scares"Black men away from gay porn, mike.Whatever puts you to sleep at night. Someone just wants to run their mouth [lucas blog] Never heard of any of these people, but, i glad you put that last line in about homophobia in russia, it makes the homophobia of"Some"Blacks seem mild.Its so tiresome that people have this issue with blacks and homophobuia as if blacks are the only ones on this planet.And, as far as blacks in gay porn, i don think it has much to do with homophobia, more the fact that in the eyes of the producers, it as they like to say about regular movies,"Does not sell to their audiences who don want to see blacks or can visualize them in that role. " A fool is a fool is a fool.Mike needs to shut his mouth but that is how he keeps his company in the spotlight.I agree that lucas is much better at putting black and latino men in his productions than just about every other high end line, and that is a good thing.Also, he tends to avoid the stereotypical thug/mandingo thing(Although not always), and he shows some diversity with the models he uses.In fact, brian b got in trouble with another company when he dared to bottom.How limiting these companies can be.But there are some good"Mainstream"Black models out there, but we need more.Love brian, love jason t, erick campbell, that new man at randy blue, ian rock, others.Not so sure about diesel washington and jay black. That being said, his social commentary is a joke.Always has been and likely always michael kors outlet online will be.He feeds off of making drama in the industry.Why this man has been given a platform i never know why. If the same percentage of white america was comparable to the percentage of black america living in poverty, with unstable families, disillusioned with the educational institutions, glorification of the"Thug"Criteria of manhood, southern fundamentalist doctrines of christianity, silly flirtations with islam(In a desperate attempt to find one"Blackness"If the same percentage of white folks had to deal with such destructive crap then you have rampant homophobia among white folks too(Like in texas or oklahoma or moscow). And don tell i making excuses for black people homophobia.It seems like those of us who endured the most heinous acts of black homophobia are those who are the most calm and less hysterical about it. Black folks(In the us, the caribbean africa)Haven come into the 21st century on the issue of homosexuality.They do not understand the concept of"Sexual orientation vs choice vs sin"But neither michael kors sale online do white folks of the same socio economic/religious background. Back when black homophobia only affected poor queens like me the white gays didn give a damn.Michael lucas is one to talk.As kevjack says, he is obsessed with trying to make op eds and commentary on america social problem and races and conveniently ignores the massive problems in russsia and eastern europe.As someone said earlier, homophobia in the seems like a walk in the park in eastern europe and russia. I think lucas does a good job of putting blacks and latinos in his movies(And all hell broke loose when brian bodine bottomed for lucas)But many blacks just don want to see inter racial porn.As i sure ma ny whites didn but lucas gets props for going beyond stereotypes.He does need to stfu tho about black folks Michael lucas remarks don bother me per se.What is disturbing is the ease in which he feels comfortable using"Rampant homophobia in the african american community"As this boogeyman to rationalize an economic decision.Ie he doesn want too many black models in his movie, because his customers don want to see too many black models.Which is fine, some of us don want to see too many white models either. That is typical of the mainstream white gay community.They blame blacks for homophobia and ignore the mostly white catholics, mormons, evangelicals and republicans.It always easier to blame black people.He needs to look cassiopia at rampant homophobia in moscow where the mayor prevented gays from having a gay pride and sent riot police to attack the gays who tried to march. This is michael lucas.First, i really would like to thank you for acknowledging my efforts in including black and latino models in my films.I always have and always will.

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