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How to spot a fake video on chatroulette

Now that i've shown you how to use a fake video on the popular new video chat site, chatroulette, i am explaining, for your own safety, how to detect when other people are using fake videos.Chatroulette is definitely not the safest site in the world:It is a hotbed of internet predators and other questionable individuals.Yet still it is enjoyed by a fair amount of people who just want to meet new people and have a friendly, normal conversation.The trouble is, the predators know this and try to lure unsuspecting individuals into doing something they wouldn't by using a fake video of a normal looking person.Essentially, you start chatting with someone you think is a good looking, twenty something guy or girl, but in reality you are talking with a 45 year old internet predator who is waiting until you trust the good looking video enough to do something stupid.So here is your guide for staying safe on chatroulette and other"Anonymous video chat"Sites.

Tips cheap michael kors bags for spotting a fake video

As i showed you in the article i linked to above, using a fake video is not difficult at all.However, some people are better at using fake videos than others, and they are easily detectable if you know what to look for.

Looping:One of the most obvious signs that a video is fake is when you've been watching it for a minute or two and it appears to be similar to what you just watched.When people use a fake video, it usually only lasts a few minutes.Once the video runs out, it starts over at the beginning.Be prepared ahead of time:Take note of actions that are recognizable.If a girl brushes her hair, and then brushes it again in the exact same manner a minute later, the video is most likely fake.

Grainy/choppy video:Although this can just be a sign of a bad webcam, sometimes fake videos appear unrealistically choppy or grainy.This isn't the tell tale sign, but use it in combination with the other signs.

Black bars michael kors australia store on video edges:If you look carefully at the edges of the video, along the top, bottom, and sides and notice a wider than normal video, this may be a sign of a fake video.

Text over video:Some people steal their fake videos from an adult website featuring webcam girls.Oftentimes these videos have text over top of the video advertising the site.If you see this, it is almost undoubtedly fake.

Hands not typing:If words are appearing in the chat michael kors outlet australia online window and their hands aren't on the keyboard, it's a fake video and someone else is typing for them.

Not responding to your video:Sometimes the fake video looks incredibly real.But then you wave at them and they don't wave back.Sometimes you'll make a funny look and their expression won't change at all.Keep note of these things when looking for a fake video.

Asking for proof

If you're ever not sure of whether a video is fake or not, just simply ask the person to wave.When you do, watch for a jump in the video.Some fake video experts have a preset time in the video when the person will wave, and they jump to it when you ask mk bags outlet australia them to.They are actually preplanning for these things(Yes, it is sad).Remember to never give out any personal details.Never, ever, give a link to your facebook or myspace profile.Never give a name or location.If they ask, make one up.

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