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Downton ralph lauren outlet online abbey Downton abbey(Itv)Is always at its best when it stops taking itself seriously and indulges in a little self parody, and the latest episode, the second in the series, was no exception.We saw the earl of grantham(Hugh bonneville), grappling with contemporary trials in the form of everything from the wireless to the Russian revolution, become a deliciously indignant caricature.He huffed, he harrumphed, he declared himself very good at abroad and harboured a glint in his eye at the idea that miss bunting(Daisy lewis), the impertinent school teacher, might be shot like a communist rebel. Best of ralph lauren italia outlet all, the earl dismissed the newfangled radio as a full of inanities myopic as a sea slug, he also failed to notice that simon bricker, a silver tongued, tangerine tanned house guest played by the wonderfully oleaginous richard e grant, was wooing his wife.Wish he would stop flirting with isis, he lamented.At least he was only referring to his labrador:Whatever the incursions of modernity, downton is yet to witness the spectre of islamic extremism. Throughout this enjoyably jaunty episode, i got the feeling that if the earl had any inkling what his eldest daughter was up to, he would simply turn up his toes and take to the ancestral grave.Lady mary(Michelle dockery), you see, embarked on a trip with Lady Annabelle an effective euphemism for a before you buy stint of pre marital sex with her suitor Lord Gillingham(Tom cullen). After seeing mary broken down by grief, it is ralph Lauren outlet online a joy to watch her now resurrected to her usual form:Prickly, unflappable and arch mistress of the crisp understatement.Is rather sweet, isn he, was the limit of her maternal effusions about her infant son, while, alone in a hotel room with gillingham, she talked about their impending night of passion in the same way she might discuss the seating plan for a dinner party. While mary had a jolly time, placid martyr anna(Joanne froggatt)Faced further trials.Not only was she browbeaten into buying her mistress contraceptive device, but her marital bliss with mr bates(Brendan coyle)Once again came under threat, as a policeman appeared to investigate the death of the valet he probably murdered.I do wish this whole dreary plotline would vanish, or be twisted into the revelation that bates is indeed the architect of all evil, from starting the downton fire to making the dowager countess flower arrangements wilt.

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